The Art of Acting since 1961

I just signed up for a course/program now what?

You will be contacted by an admissions representative of the studio. They will go over the requirements of the first class. If courses are in session it would be a good time to audit a class if you have not already done so.

Who should sign up for courses at the Shelton Studios?

Everyone is welcome to attend and whether you are a seasoned professional or a total newcomer we offer a powerful creative experience that will broaden your horizons and develop your artistic sensibilities. The skills acquired last for life and apply to all mediums.

How are the Shelton Studios different from other schools?

We have an excellent history of creating art and artists for nearly 50 years. The faculty and alumni include some of the finest minds in cinematic and theatrical expression. Our depth and commitment to the art form is primary and we focus on the development of great writing, acting, and directing. We are committed to your personal voice and or vision being developed. All work is practical and immediate as students learn through creating actual works of art.

Who recommends your studio?

Francis Ford-Coppla and Danny Glover to name a few. Please view our history page to get more testimonials.

What opportunities are offered to your students?

We have our own theater and film project company that provides casting opportunities. In addition, numerous other industry professionals attend classes and network through the studio to seek out the latest talent.

What is the difference between part time courses and your programs?

Part time means one class per week with some required homework assignments. The programs are for those with the time to accelerate their learning and focus more intensely on the process.

Can I still attend courses and work?

Yes, most everyone works.

What is the minimum age requirement and age ranges of those attending?

Minimum age is 17 and the age range varies from 20 to 60 year olds. It is never too late to begin communicating your vision.

What about auditing?

Auditing is encouraged for acting courses. Generally Mon/Tue from 7-10PM. Come early to make admissions contact. Filmmakers are encouraged to make formal appointments with the director of the studio.

How is tuition arranged?

All part time course tuition is paid on or before the first class. Programs offer payment arrangements as the tuition is much larger. Payments can be made with Visa/MC/AMEX, personal checks, cashier checks, pay pal, and cash. Gift certificates are available as well.

Do you have international students?

Yes. Students from all over the world come to the studio, and this offers a rich multicultural experience with unique viewpoints. However we do not offer student visas at this time.

Are you sure I am right for this?

This is your dream. We offer a supportive and professional environment that ensures cooperation, mutual respect, and results. Do not let fear stop you from going after what you want in life. This is your time.

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