Richard Ciccarone

Richard Ciccarone attended Boston University’s School for Fine Arts where he earned his Bachelors in Fine Arts for Theater and has been a part of the Bay Area Theater scene for over two decades. His production company, Strange Prescription, has produced over 30 productions and Richard has personally co-written and/or directed over 40 shows in San Francisco, New York, and for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland. Richard has also coached many Bay Area actors one-on-one, guiding them through scene analysis and character development, covering both classic and contemporary works. In addition, he has worked with several high-profile public figures with speaking engagements to craft their performance as well as assisting with speech writing. He also creates and curates a yearly arts festival in San Francisco where he works directly with local artists to develop and bring their pieces to the public from all disciplines including theatrical performance, dance, and music.

In his class, we will collaborate together in a safe and respectful environment to learn the basics of acting including character analysis and breakdown, text work, crafting an emotional landscape, sense memory work, how to find the right monologue for your auditions, and essential techniques to hone your own individual talent and voice. The class will also touch on movement and voice as building blocks that can be used to develop any role.

Matt Shelton


Matt Shelton is the son of two Bay Area theatre artists, Jean Shelton and the late Robert Elross. After graduating from the University of California at Santa Barbara he began studying acting and began his true formal education. Besides his parents, early artistic influences came from Broadway actor/director and Group Theatre member Wendell Phillips. Continue reading “Matt Shelton”

Kindrid Parker

Kindrid Parker is a writer, award-winning filmmaker, and founding member of San Francisco-based production company Last Wave Film. He grew up in Columbia, South Carolina writing stories and experimenting with Super 8 film, video tape, and audio recording. He made his way to San Francisco in 1992 and began his creative career publishing fiction and experimental prose through a number of literary journals, including the post-punk, rogue publication 3am and the half-century-old surrealist cornerstone The Walrus. His voice as a writer and longtime experimentation with film naturally met, and in early 2007, Kindrid founded his production company, Last Wave Film. Continue reading “Kindrid Parker”