Jean Shelton


(Retired) Jean Shelton is considered one of the finest acting teachers in the country. Her career began in New York City in 1947 when she began acting at the American Repertory Theatre with Broadway actor/director Wendell Phillips whom she later married. She was closely associated with Stella Adler, Harold Clurman, and Lee Strasberg, (considered the founders of the American method style of acting) among many others. She acted and directed in New York during the 1950’s and one time for Tennessee Williams in his first play Hello from Bertha in 1956 to his delight.

She left New York City in 1961 and married Robert Elross where they founded the 14th Street Arts Center in the mission district of San Francisco with Pierre De Lattre and then founded the Playhouse Theatre Company in Berkeley before establishing the acting school that bears her name. She has been a consultant for major motion pictures, television studios, and film directors and has been encouraging actors for over 50 years now. Her students have won Academy Awards, Emmy Awards, Tony Awards, Obie Awards, and countless local awards.  Her final stage performance, at the age of 80, of Horton Foote’s  play, A Trip to Bountiful, was witnessed by the author and described by Mr. Foote as; “masterful” and compared her to Laurette Taylor. She received the Payne Knickerbocker Lifetime Achievement Award in 1989.


Matt Shelton


Matt Shelton is the son of two Bay Area theatre artists, Jean Shelton and the late Robert Elross. After graduating from the University of California at Santa Barbara he began studying acting and began his true formal education. Besides his parents, early artistic influences came from Broadway actor/director and Group Theatre member Wendell Phillips. Continue reading “Matt Shelton”

Julie Dimas-Lockfeld


Julie Dimas-Lockfeld has taught acting classes in San Francisco since 1980. She began teaching Movement for Actors at the Stage Group Theatre School, under the direction of Wendell Phillips, where she trained for 10 years and was a member of Stage Group’s Ensemble Theatre Company. She later taught similar bodywork and inspired ongoing acting classes, as a founding member of the Phoenix Theatre where she also acted and directed. In 1996, she received a Bay Area Performing Artist Fellowship Award studying with a wide variety of film and theatre artists including, Cory Adams, Margie Haber, Richard Seyd and Ed Hooks. Continue reading “Julie Dimas-Lockfeld”

Oleg Liptsin

Oleg Liptsin is an internationally renowned drama director, actor, and educator. During the last 15 years he has directed theatre productions, conducted classes and workshops in the United States, Canada, India, France, Austria, Spain, Poland and native Ukraine. His main credits include Sophocle’s Antigone, Joyce’s Ulysses, Chekov’s Cherry Orchard, Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Albee’s Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, and Beckett’s Endgame. Continue reading “Oleg Liptsin”

Kindrid Parker

Kindrid Parker is a writer, award-winning filmmaker, and founding member of San Francisco-based production company Last Wave Film. He grew up in Columbia, South Carolina writing stories and experimenting with Super 8 film, video tape, and audio recording. He made his way to San Francisco in 1992 and began his creative career publishing fiction and experimental prose through a number of literary journals, including the post-punk, rogue publication 3am and the half-century-old surrealist cornerstone The Walrus. His voice as a writer and longtime experimentation with film naturally met, and in early 2007, Kindrid founded his production company, Last Wave Film. Continue reading “Kindrid Parker”

Margery Fairchild

Margery Fairchild is a Director, Actor and Choreographer based in San Francisco. She is the founder/ artistic director of Dark Porch Theatre and has been making original theatre in the Bay Area for 12 years. She wrote and directed Hen, the Musical, Under The Bed, The In Betweens, Eleanor (2011 Bay Area Theatre Critics Circle Award for Achievement in Playwriting and Nominated for Best Original Musical Production) and Pas De Quatre. With an extensive dance and literary background, Ms. Fairchild’s class will focus on textual comprehension, clear theatrical objective and exploring the physicality of character work.